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Who We Are…

Before Monitoring America was formed, the majority of smaller alarm companies were forced to pay their competition to monitor alarms. In most cases, the larger alarm companies were inflexible and unresponsive to the smaller companies needs. A few alarm company owners who came together for a common goal founded monitoring America in 1989. They saw an opportunity to pool their resources and create a better central station.

Better because, being owners, they could shape it to fit their individual needs. Better because, the profits would be put back in their own pockets in the form of dividends. Better because, they would no longer be paying the competition for monitoring services. Time has proved them right and today Monitoring America serves over 100 companies and monitors over 20,000 homes and businesses.

Where We Are going…

Monitoring America is growing quickly. We add several new members each year and our existing members add new customers daily. We are a UL listed central station. Underwriters Laboratory, offers certification only to those central stations that have conformed to strict policies regarding everything from computer integrity and staffing to building security.

Company Structure…

Monitoring America is unique in that our member companies each own a part of the company. A board of directors is elected by the general membership to represent their needs. The President answers directly to the board and is responsible for the overall operation. The President together with the management team and staff are responsible to produce the quality service provided by Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op.

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