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There are many coops’ (cooperative businesses) in the United States. Some of the most common are known as farmer’s coops and electrical coop’s. Touchstone Energy is the organization behind a lot of the electrical coops and they advertise on television.

A coop is a company that is owned by its customers. It is a business that was established by business people to serve them. They needed the services of the business they created but didn’t want to patronize a competitor to get the services.

Monitoring America is a true cooperative business, a coop. We refer to our owners as members. As an owner/member of Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op you will own one share of stock in the company. Each member owns one share of stock. A few members own more than one share but that occurred in the early days when they purchased a member company. The early board of directors elected not to purchase the share of stock from the selling member so the member who purchased the company was able to get the share. The bylaws however limit a members vote to one no matter how many shares they own. The most owned by any one member is four.

Members are eligible to server on the board of directors. Each year at the annual meeting directors are elected. Our board is made up of seven members. Directors serve three year terms. No more than three directors roll off in any given year. In one year two directors will roll off, the next year another two and the next year three are replaced or reelected.

The President runs the day to day operation of the company. Board meetings are held monthly at the office of the coop. Major decisions are made by the board of directors.

Since Monitoring America is run by our customers, the focus is centered on the service provided. The board members are customers so they experience the service. Their desire is to get the best service available. All members and dealers benefit from the results of the board insisting on the best possible service.

The fact that we are a coop and managed by our customers makes Monitoring America unique.

Like our slogan says, This is Your Central Station.

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